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Account Opening

Trading System

Deposit (Not Applied to MAM Account in MT4)

As following 3 methods are available for clients to conduct deposit from their trading account. Our client can select either of them according to their own needs.

Comment: The content in this page is not applied to MAM account in MT4, since it cannot be topped up fund from for the system limit.

Method 1 WireTransfer

The customers who can top-up their Meta-Trade4 account via wire transfer.

Platform Mini Deposit Amount Clearance Time Charge per transaction
MT4 USD 100 Within 24 hours USD 3 per transaction
TFT USD 10 Instant (within trading time) Free

Method 2 Local Bank Transfer(GC)

※With local bank transfer service, it makes possible to easily deposit to your FX account by a domestic remittance.

Local Bank Transfer(GC) guideline

Method 3 Credit Card Deposit

The customers who hold Visa/Master credit card can use their credit cards to deposit money to their own Meta-Trader4 account.
※ This service settles in USD.
※ Note: If you used credit card deposit method,the descriptor on your credit card or bank statement will be "".

Platform Mini/Max Deposit Amount Deposit Clearance Time Transaction Fee Deposit
MT4 Only $100/$5,000 (exclude Commission Charge) Within 24 hours (exclude non-business day) Free

Credit Card Deposit Guideline

Liquidity Providers

Risk Caution: Due to the high risk attached to the Forex trades and other derivative products, you're recommended to trade with proper capital that can bear loss. Please consider carefully and make sure yourself fully understand what risks you're going to take before choose any derivative product, since they're not suitable for all investors. If necessary, please ask for enquiries or suggestions from professional persons.