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How many days does it take to open an account? When can I confirm my account has been opened?
Your account will open in about 3 minutes if all the documents are available.
What are the necessary documents for application?
One copy for any documents as follows
1, Passport or ID card
2, Drive License
3, Residential certificate
(utility bills, i.e. electricity, gas, water, mobile phone, bank statements, driver's license or residential proof )
※ The submitted files must be in the formats of GIF/JPG/PNG and within 200K.
※ A full photo page is a must for ID proof (no page wrapped or missing).
※ Recognizable words and clear photo are required.
※ Address for application is supposed to coincide with the one in ID proof document
※ The submitted files are supposed to be colored rather white-black copies
Any improper issue in files may cause a delay in account application.
Can multiple account be opened by one person?
YES, you only supply the first account ID which you already have in our company, then no need to submit the documents again.
Is there a difference between the rate fluctuation in demo and real trades?
They are almost the same although there is a slight difference between the rate fluctuations. Regarding the contract ability they are completely equivalent. We would like to recommend you to try on this efficient demo trade.
Are there a condition and the limit for account establishment?
The principle of account establishment is possible regardless of nationality if more than 20 years old.
※Even meet the conditions mentioned above , there is a case to decline business by our examination.
Is it possible to open an account as a corporation?
Yes, it is possible.

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How do I deposit money?
You can deposit money Bank Wire Transfer,Local Bank Transfer and Electronic Transfer.
For more information as to how to do this, follow the directions found on our Transaction Summary page.
What currencies do you accept for funds deposits?
How long does it take for funds to be deposited to trading account?
As introduced on the website of ForexIn, it takes time to reflect such on trading account depending on depositing method.
※The funds will be reflected on trading account exceeding time period to reflect such funds depending on countries and areas.
※Deposit made on holidays of each financial institution and out of business hour will not be included in its business day.
Can I process for deposit if account holder for trading account and payer differ?
Account holder for trading company and payer's name needs to be matched.
If not, funds cannot be reflected to trading account and the funds will be returned to payer's account. In this case, please note that transfer fee and time for process be required. Trading account will be limited until the completion of such process.
Which bears the transfer fee?

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Can I process to contribute funds even though beneficial name of the account differs from name of contributed bank account?
Beneficiary name of trading account and payer's bank account need to be the same. If not, funds cannot be contributed. The funds cannot be processed to be contributed other than registered financial institutions.
Is there a maximum amount for one withdrawal?
No. But you must be noted that if you have any outstanding order, according to the mentioned amounts may produce margin calls.
Whether withdraw can be supported through phone call?
No. Please refer to the withdraw flow. Please fill in the withdraw form and submit to us.

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What time can I place orders?
Trading opens at 22:00 Sunday (GMT) and closes at 22:00 Friday (GMT).
What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?
The minimum trade unit is a unit of 0.01 lot (1000 currency).
Whether it can be setup the S/L and T/P?
Yes, but we recommend the order should not be approached the current rate.
What is the highest leverage?
Please refer to the trading system.
Is there any margin call?
Yes, please refer to the trading system.

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How to report the tax?
Please report it by a method determined in a residence country. We cannot prepare special documents.
Will I be able to get support through a telephone?
Due to reasons below, support is done using email as a general rule.
1)Emails show the core problem more accurately than telephones.
2)Using emails can keep a log of the interaction.
My address has changed, how can I change my address?
Please contact us through the support form, then send us an attachment of an identification papers for confirmation. Once the papers go through, we will change the address.
What is an IB Partner?
In short words it refers to agency management. It is similar to affiliation. You can start without taking any risks. For inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Liquidity Providers

Risk Caution: Due to the high risk attached to the Forex trades and other derivative products, you're recommended to trade with proper capital that can bear loss. Please consider carefully and make sure yourself fully understand what risks you're going to take before choose any derivative product, since they're not suitable for all investors. If necessary, please ask for enquiries or suggestions from professional persons.