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Trading System


TF Trader is designed for satisfying the various demands from brokers, WLs, IBs and traders. With the concerns for its practicability in sales market and the area of AfterFollow, our experts contribute to explore the possibilities of developing TF into one of the best trading platform that with high flexibility and advanced technology.

Besides, "TFTrader Express" in TFT mobile version enables you to target the market trend at anytime and anywhere. TFT Mobile version is exclusively for real account users.

TF Trader Installation >>

● TTF TRADER 28 trading currency pairs are available


● Maximum Available Leverage: 1,000 times

● Minimum Trading volume: 1,000 currencies

● Trading Time (GMT): Sunday 22:00 ~ Friday 22:00

● Margin Call: 30% of the investment funds

※ You can add the mobile version , trading not only on the computer But also the smart phone, providing you a boundless trading entertainment with regardless of where you are.

TF Trader Features

TF Trader never fails to provide users with excellent technical analysis supports. Meanwhile, it is featured with some additional functions, such as Miles, Follow, Mark and Reminder etc, with the purpose to assist users to tailor their own trading scenario. TF Trade is also popularized among users with its various game elements to structure a relaxing and entertaining trading environment.

Miles Function

Miles are produced automatically by trades. If user can win the trades in a row, more miles can be produced, and all miles can be used for buying our company's activities.

Follow Function

Users can observe other user's trading situation and even follow his trading action with some miles paid. The settings for the function of "Follow" can be set up according to different situations, for example, when user sets to "Follow" the other three traders A, B, C, his trades will shadow A, B, C's trading actions automatically.

Mark Function

The status of opening trading order(s) can be checked in charts, according to user's own requirements, he can follow the trade by dragging directly, no manual operation is needed. The orders can be "marked" in different colors for its different status.

Reminder Function

When the trading market's turns to user-friendly, the system tends to "remind" user to open new positions to help him get more benefits.


Deposits in TFTrader are briskly efficient. Once the deposit is confirmed, it will be credited to your Forex account instantly. No more delay in deposit application and loading processes.


Enquiry Function

You can submit enquires directly in TFTrader platform.
Screenshot can also be taken in TFTrader platform. TFT system will automatically send your enquiry and your screenshot to our support center.

TFTExpress (Mobile Version)

Free from space limits, trades can be made at anytime and anywhere with TFT mobile version.

Open a live account


①Fill Application Form → ②Send ID proof documents →  ③Open account

ID proof documents for opening a live account

  • One copy for any documents as follows
  • (a)Passport
  • (b)Drive license
  • (c)ID


  • ※ The submitted files must be in the formats of GIF/JPG/PNG and within 200K.
  • ※ A full photo page is a must for ID proof (no page wrapped or missing).
  • ※ Recognizable words and clear photo are required.
  • ※ Address for application is supposed to coincide with the one in ID proof document
  • ※ The submitted files are supposed to be colored rather white-black copies
  • Any improper issue in files may cause a delay in account application.

Contact Information

If you have any question or comment on ForexIn or our product, Please contact us by .

Liquidity Providers

Risk Caution: Due to the high risk attached to the Forex trades and other derivative products, you're recommended to trade with proper capital that can bear loss. Please consider carefully and make sure yourself fully understand what risks you're going to take before choose any derivative product, since they're not suitable for all investors. If necessary, please ask for enquiries or suggestions from professional persons.